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Secure Payment

You can pay safely on our website with your credit  or debit card. We use SSL certificate to secure their purchases.

Using Visa / Mastercard

Make sure your card supports online payments otherwise you will need to go to your bank to request the service. Some operations are rejected for not being activated online payments using virtual TPV. In your bank will provide cards or codes to operate on the network.

* We do not keep or store credit card numbers of our clients, the data you enter are sent directly to the bank for processing and we can not access them

* At the time of data transmission they are encrypted by these SSL certificate and transferred to the bank

To make the payment you will need to provide

- Name of cardholder

- Card number

- Date of Expiry

- Security code card, this number is usually found on the back of credit card


Using Paypal

At he moment you select the payment method Paypal, this platform is responsible for managing your account.

If you have a Paypal account: just enter your email and password

If you do not have Paypal account: You can use your card to make a single payment without signing up or create a new account, this payment is free for the customer. The first time you create the account you enter data from your card and credit card payments. After just you only have to facilitate mail and password

In any form of payment we only received the OK of the financial institution to proceed with the shipment of goods.